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MatchWare MindView 7.0

Organizes data by creating sharts and assigning elements
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Create complex data presentations by managing specific elements such as texts and numbers, assign images, comments and selected fragments of the documents, generate clipart, etc. The suite features options for configuring the proofing, saving, preferences, calendar, suggestion sources and pen input.

MatchWare MindView is a complex application that will help you improve your learning skills. It is also a perfect tool for businesses, teachers and students when it comes to organizing information. The program can be used as a highly effective way of brainstorming and structuring ideas visually. It's also very effective in the software design process. The MindView application is based on the proven Mind Mapping theory where ideas, words, tasks or other items are represented by diagrams arranged around a central key word or idea.

The “mind maps” generated by MindView can be used in presentations, reports, designing websites and more. The program is able to export files to Microsoft Office applications, HTML or PDF. Mind maps have been demonstrated to help individuals and businesses achieve higher levels of performance by increasing productivity and organization skills.

The program interface is very intuitive. With MindView you are able to outline your written documents such as meeting agendas, proposals and marketing plans in an easy way. Brainstorming with MindView is far more efficient than doing it on paper because you can list and then organize your ideas in the right order.

Working with MindView timelines is an efficient way of displaying time-related information such as company history, production plans and historical data. You are able to choose from a large variety of templates. MindView provides you with detailed business and educational templates for use in any of the standard Mind Mapping views or the Timeline view.

The MindView application is an efficient tool that will help you improve your learning skills, manage your business easier, design websites and many more.

Margie Smeer
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  • Intuitive interface
  • Works fast even with large diagrams
  • Complex clip-art library


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